Blogging and Pyramid Schemes

Have you ever had one of these dreaded pyramid schemes thrown at you and all that is going through your head is ‘What excuse can I use?’ and ‘I wish I had a gun right now’.

Well I had one today at my parents house from one of there friends. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and I tried every excuse I could try to get out of it. Sadly my mother didn’t get the hints that I wanted to escape.

So during this long presentation, these two questions stuck with me,

  • Why work for yourself when others can work for you?
  • Do you like working for little to no return?

These questions made me think about blogging and how sometimes we get little to no return materially. But when you think deeper you notice we get a lot back mentally and emotionally, some of us love blogging because its an escape, a way of getting things off our chest. Some of us blog to help us develop our career, to learn more about a interest, to share information, to teach others.

We work for ourselves in a way that can be rewarded without making other people work for us. Is that not a better business model? To work for ourselves and be rewarded without alienating your friends and family.

So is it really so bad that we don’t get much in material return?

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