My Favourite WordPress Plugin

If you have been a user of WordPress for even a short period. You would know that plugins is a way of life for WordPress and the hundreds of thousands of plugins proves it.

I have experienced lots of plugins in my life with WordPress and none would strike me as worthy to be talked about. Because lets face it plugins are not really the most exciting topic to talk about.

But there is one plugin which has been working in the background of my WordPress installation. Which I am always thankful for having around. What is this plugin you may ask?

The plugin is called “WordPress Backup to Dropbox“. Yes this plugin has been around for a while. Well ever since DropBox was created.

What this plugin does is automatically at certain intervals (set to your preferences). Creates a backup of your WordPress blog and uploads it to your DropBox account.

What’s special about this is when you think about how you will now have a offsite backup of your blog in case anything goes wrong. Offsite being the keyword. Companies large and small still do tape rotations to achieve this sort of offsite backup.

It is free and very easy to use. I recommend you give it a try. The website about this easy software is Michael De Wildt – WordPress backup to dropbox.

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