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Picture credit to: BBC UK – Microsoft’s HoloLens

With the news on the upcoming Windows 10, which I read at Windows 10 to get ‘holographic’ headset.

This is Microsoft heading in the right direction (Even announced replacing internet explorer). Microsoft in my opinion is now trying to innovate.

If Microsoft can get all their device form-factors working in a symbiotic relationship, I believe Microsoft would dominate the home. XBOX, Mobile, Tablets and PC working as one Read More Windows 10 News


Just thought I would show what I got for Christmas. What you guys get for Christmas? I got a NZXT H440 Razer Edition, I absolutely love it. This is most…

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Research firm Gartner today reported that the Android’s share of the smart phone market has surpassed that of the iPhone. From the figures reported by Gartner in the quarter of…

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With the success of Apple’s iphone and ipad, companies far and wide have started imitating Apple in every product they produce. I for one believe that the companies are looking…

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