The Apple Monopoly

With the success of Apple’s iphone and ipad, companies far and wide have started imitating Apple in every product they produce.

I for one believe that the companies are looking at Apple’s success in the wrong way. They see the iphone and ipad as being the driving forces of Apple’s success. When the fact is the Apple itunes store is what is driving Apple’s monopoly and the success of the ipad and iphone just being a bi-product of the need to have access to Apple’s Itune store.

When the iphone first came out the majority of consumers saw it as gimmicky and that it will never catch on. That is most probably until one of there friends/family showed them all the amazing applications and games that were available. And since the Itunes store is exclusively accessible by Apple products (Also available for Windows, but only for use with Apple products) the fact is that almost any product that Apple creates that can access the Itunes store and make use of the applications available will become successful.

The problem the competitors will have in imitating the Itunes store success is how can you compete with one that has millions of applications, thousands of application creators and draw the audience of application users to another Application store?

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