All About Ramen at Ramen San

Sometime last year I discovered a nice little restaurant that serves ramen, called Ramen San. Since that day I have had to visit every one or two months to satisfy my cravings for Ramen.

The menu is all about different sorts of ramen dishes. But does also include other japanese style dishes, such as tempura dishes. All are cooked fresh and come to you piping hot. The price is also very reasonable with my dish shown in the picture below costing only $10.50 for a very good sized dish. So you end up leaving full, satisfied and leaving without a hole in your pocket.

I tend to like the soya-based ramen more then the miso-based dishes. But all the dishes are worth a try.

Ramen San
Shop 1005
Westpoint Blacktown
NSW, 2148
Tel: (02) 8814 8686

Niku Ramen
Niku Ramen

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