How to Connect a External Harddrive to Oracle VirtualBox Linux Virtual Machine

  1. Connect your external harddrive to your host system.
  2. Open up the virtual machine window and select.
  3. Devices -> USB Devices -> Name of USB Devices

    VirtualBox USB Devices

  4. Locate the device name assigned to the USB device.
  5. You will need to locate the device name assigned.

    If you did not receive the following message notifications, from when the device name was assigned.

    VirtualBox Virtual Machine Device Detection

    Then you can use the dmesg command.

    dmesg virtual machine

    You can also use fdisk -l command as shown below.

    fdisk virtual machine

    In this case the device name assigned is sdd1.

  6. Create the mount point.
  7. mkdir /mnt/external

    mount point virtual machine

  8. Mount the external harddrive.
  9. mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/external

    mount virtual machine

    You should now be able to access the external drive from your linux virtual machine.

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