In Linux if you have a Nvidia graphics card or about to install one. There are two choices of drivers you can install. On one side you got the proprietory drivers from Nvidia and on the other side you got the open source Nouveau drivers.

Both of these drivers are built for Linux and work fine for most Nvidia graphics cards with no issues. But it’s known in the Linux circles that for a while Nouveau drivers just wasn’t up to par, when it came to the heavy graphic rendering intensive work needed in games and 3d animation, when compared against Nvidia.

But latley with new developments

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Mozilla Firefox 4 has finally been released after such a long development cycle, when compared to the development of the recent releases of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

For those who have been waiting all this time. It can be painful waiting for the new version of Firefox to show up on the default repositories.

Here is a way to install the new Firefox 4 without having to wait,

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Sometime last year I discovered a nice little restaurant that serves ramen, called Ramen San. Since that day I have had to visit every one or two months to satisfy my cravings for Ramen.

The menu is all about different sorts of ramen dishes. But does also include other japanese style dishes, such as tempura dishes. All are cooked fresh and come to you


Tux Linux LogoYou might be completely new to Linux or have already started using Linux but might be wondering where else to go to learn Linux. I am here to give you the best ways to learn Linux from nothing.

Following I believe are the most effective ways of learning about Linux, there are further methods which can be just as effective but I believe these are the easiest for those with limited knowledge on Linux,

  1. Jumping In
  2. This step is to just install Linux as your default operating system. Get rid of your current operating system and live within the Linux goodness. When you find that you can’t find a feature that you were using before, try and search for that feature and see how you can do it on Linux.

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