Five Truths of a Good SEO Consultant

SEO tends to be a long-term process and making a mistake tends to affect you for a even longer time after. So when you look for a SEO Consultant or SEO Firm you have to do your research. It’s like finding a builder to build a house, you wouldn’t just get any builder to build your house.

When it come’s to finding a good SEO consultant and/or firm there is a lot of truths and lies floating around on the internet. So one needs to be cautious when it comes to the information that they provide. Here are five truths that separate the good from the bad when it comes to finding a good SEO consultant and/or firm for you,

  1. A History Of Results
  2. A good and experienced consultant will have history of results and will be willing to show them. Be cautious if they give some excuse not to show results. Someone who has put the time and effort will be very proud of results that they have experienced and would have no problem showing you.

    Remember to ask which are they currently still working on and check the results yourself by searching on Google. The results might not match up exactly but should be approximately close for those that are still actively being worked on.

  3. Will Have References
  4. Good consultant have references and will be glad for you to contact them. References who he has worked for previously can give you more insight on whether they had any issues working with that consultant or firm. A lack of references and claiming to be very experienced in the industry can be a sure sign that the consultant or firm is trying to hide something.

  5. Will Rank Well For Consultant’s Own Keywords
  6. If the consultant or firm has a website check what they rank well in there own keywords. If they can’t rank themselves well in there own keywords, why would you trust them with helping you with yours?

  7. Consultants Name in Search Engines Should Have Positive Information
  8. To find out more about your consultant it’s good to do a quick search in the search engines. You will find the good or bad. Here you could find articles written by the consultant, peoples reviews on the consultant on forums, etc. If there is a lack of information it’s another sign that they could be hiding something by using a fake name.

  9. Willing To Answer All Questions
  10. Before you pick the consultant, ask them any questions that is on your mind and don’t settle until all of them are answered. A good consultant will answer your questions fully and even back it up with solid information. If your consultant doesn’t answer your questions and just brushes you off, then its not the consultant for you.

Remember most of all that to separate the good from the bad is to use common sense and your gut instincts. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

You guys got any extra steps you take when you look for a SEO consultant?


  1. Dan Lew said:

    Nice post,

    Yeah that’s true, you want to rank well for your own keyword “consultant” before you call yourself a consultant.

    I am 2nd page of for “SEO Consultants” on one of my SEO sites –

    This site is more for the opportunity for other SEO consultants who want to offer advice to clients.

    I also rank 1st-2nd page of for “seo professional” on

    December 18, 2010
    • Joshua Rasnier said:

      Thanks Dan,

      It looks like you rank well in the SEO space and is a perfect example of a consultant people can trust from just looking at what you have been able to do with your own websites.

      December 21, 2010

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