The Search Engine Optimization Secret

Everyone is always searching for the secret to getting a site to rank on page 1 for particular keywords or how to get more traffic to your site. Well I am going to tell you but you must promise to keep it a secret.

The secret to a perfect SEO Campaign is simple. It is ‘Planning’. Yes planning is the secret and I will explain why.

Most people when they look at there site and do some search engine optimization they do a little here and there. In other words they do it on the fly. This is fine and does sometimes work. But someone who sits down and plans everything will generally always outrank a person who doesn’t.

When you pay a SEO expert, you are actually just paying for them to plan it out for you.

How to plan out your SEO campaign?

I will be walking you through how you can plan out a SEO campaign for your own website. It will be a good idea to have a pen and paper or to have a wordprocessing document open as you do these.

Step 1: Set an Objective

Write out a simple objective, what is your website trying to achieve. What is the purpose of your site.

Step 2: Realise the Interests

Write out what interests does your site cover. E.g. Technology, Food, etc.

Step 3: Set your Keywords

From these interests think of keywords that revolve around those interests you wrote previously. It’s best to keep your keywords to two or three word phrases.

As my father had taught me If you keep care of your pennies the dollars will keep care of themselves. So if you keep your keywords to two or three word phrases, the one word phrases will keep care of themselves.

Remember to think of what you would search up if you were trying to find the information on your site.

Step 4:  Identify your Audience

Since you now have your site objective and the interests that your site caters too. Now you have to look at what is your websites audience. Who do you cater too. E.g: Mothers, professionals, investors, etc.

Step 5: Research Audience Locations

Find out and research where your audience congregates on the internet. Even if it is a competitors website. This way you can look and see what your competitors do, you can plan on which locations to get links from.

Step 6: Set Your Strategy

Set out a table with a Past, Present and Future.

In the past column set out what you were previously doing in regards to search engine optimization, include mistakes you have learned and what has succeeded. If your site is new you can just skip this column.

The present column set out what your are currently doing with your site to optimize it. Set out if it is working or not working currently.

Future column will be what you going to do in the future that will help your site. Feel free to reference this to your Objective. Ways on which you going to reach your objective is maybe a better way of putting it.

Step 7: Put Into Action

This is the fun part. Put your plan into action, using your keywords, using you strategy while also keeping your mind on your audience and of course your objective. This can be over a short term or long term.

Step 8: Gather Results and Statistics

To be able to continually improve, you need to gather your results and statistics. So that you can see what worked and hasn’t work.

All the people that tend to be successful with there search engine optimization campaigns. Are successful because they know what went wrong previously from there results and statistics.

Step 9: Rinse and Repeat

Things change on the internet every minute. Thats why SEO is a continual effort. So you should continually be going through this planning process. Go back to Step 1 and re-examine your objective. Does your objective need to change due to the changing environment of the Internet?

Remember that to truly be successful in SEO you need to be able to continually evaluate your successes and failures.

Is there any steps that you would like to add? Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Steven Hudson said:


    Found your article from aussietycoon, a nice 9 step plan



    December 16, 2010
    • Joshua Rasnier said:

      Thanks Steven,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

      December 16, 2010

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