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A simple way of to find out, what object-groups an ip address belongs to on a cisco ASA. ciscoasa#sh run object-group | in ^object-group|<ip address>


  1. Confirm that the cellular interface card has been installed with the relevant 3G simcard.
  2. Unlock the 3g simcard with the correct pin number. In below command 0000 is your pin number.
  3. cellular 0/0/0 gsm sim unlock 0000

  4. Create the cellular gsm profile. The username and password is what you authenticate too. In some instances it may be a service that the ISP provides or you may have your own service. Such as a RADIUS service.
  5. cellular 0/0/0 gsm profile create 1 wl.domain.com chap username@wl.domain.com password ipv4

  6. Create the chat script which will be used to establish connection with the ISP. “ATDT*98*1#” is what is used to connect to the ISP. You will need to contact your ISP to determine what code they use to allow connections.