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SEO tends to be a long-term process and making a mistake tends to affect you for a even longer time after. So when you look for a SEO Consultant or SEO Firm you have to do your research. It’s like finding a builder to build a house, you wouldn’t just get any builder to build your house.

When it come’s to finding a good SEO consultant and/or firm there is a lot of truths and lies floating around on the internet. So one needs to be cautious when it comes to the information that they provide. Here are five truths that separate the good from the bad when it comes to finding a good SEO consultant and/or firm for you,

  1. A History Of Results
  2. A good and experienced consultant will have history of results and will be willing to show them. Be cautious if they give some excuse not to show results. Someone who has put the time and effort will be very proud of results that they have experienced and would have no problem showing you.

    Remember to ask which are they currently still working on and check the results yourself by searching on Google. The results might not match up exactly but should be approximately close for those that are still actively being worked on.


Everyone is always searching for the secret to getting a site to rank on page 1 for particular keywords or how to get more traffic to your site. Well I am going to tell you but you must promise to keep it a secret.

The secret to a perfect SEO Campaign is simple. It is ‘Planning’. Yes planning is the secret and I will explain why.

Most people when they look at there site and do some search engine optimization they do a little here and there. In other words they do it on the fly. This is fine and does sometimes work. But someone who sits down and plans everything will generally always outrank a person who doesn’t.

When you pay a SEO expert, you are actually just paying for them to plan it out for you.

How to plan out your SEO campaign?

I will be walking you through how you can plan out a SEO campaign for your own website. It will be a good idea to have a pen and paper or to have a wordprocessing document open as you do these.


A key aspect that is often overlooked in Search Engine Optimization is the analysing of your website statistics and/or data. To better understand what you need to change or keep in perspective of your SEO goals.

Often people just believe the point of SEO is to get the best ranking, best links and best amount of traffic. But I’m here to tell you that this is a waste of time if you do not look at your traffic and properly analyze what the user is actually doing once they are at your site.

You could have millions of unique visitor traffic but if this traffic finds that your site is not what they expect or could not find the information that they wanted. Then the traffic is pointless and all your are doing is wasting bandwidth.

This is where having tools such as Google Analytics comes into play and helps you analyse your traffic and better understand what the traffic is doing. To basically get into the mind of the user.

Some aspects which people should be taking a more thorough look into,